Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Connected Speech Practice

Connected Speech & Intonation Practice

Rachel's Imiation Exercies

Movie/TV Clips
The Hangover
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  • Did you have to park so close?
  • Just shut up and drive before one of these nerds asks me another question
  • I don't know. I just hope your not gonna go to some strip club when you're up there.
    - It's not gonna be like that .
  • Why don't you just let that one go to voice mail
  • Where are you guys?
    - We are at the spa at the hotel
    - Cool. We're just getting some sun. Is Doug around?
  • How about you big man. Come on up here

The Simpsons
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  • Just tell me what you want. You should know what I want. I want you to act the same way two days in a row. Uuughh! I'm not going to let you hurt me anymore.

  • Nikki, thanks for saving my life.
    - Look can we just pretend that never happened. I don't' want everyone at the school to go around thinking I like you.
    - I don't get you. You're hot, you're cold. What's your deal?
    - Oh Bart, you've got a few things to learn about women.

The Real World
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  • I kind of think what's kept me from putting one together is that I don't really have anything good to put on there other than that I served chicken fried steak for the past two years

  • Well, I think that the best way to proceed is to just give you something - and maybe you love it , do a great job and we're lucky to have you and maybe you hate it and we part ways. So it's as much an interview for you as it is for me. Let me give you a call later in the week with an assignment
    - That's Awesome
    - OK
    - I'm very excited
    - Good

Chris Rock
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  • you don't need no gun control, you know what you need – we need some bullet control, we need to <man> control the bullets,. That's right. I think all bullets should cost 5000 dollars. 5000 dollars for a bullet. You know why? Because if a bullet cost 5000 dollars there won't be no more innocent bystanders.

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