Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pronunciation Practice Videos

Pronuncation Practice Videos
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The Lovely Bones

Grandma is here! Grandma! Grandma is here!

What's my mother here?
- Look, you're not coping, ok?

Len's worried, I'm worried, your mother offered to help.

You invited her here?

- Darling.

Hello, mother.
- Look at you! Are you eating?

Is this all of it?
- Don't be ridiculous! That's just my make-up.

Oh, you're as handsome as Hell, Jack.
- Lindsey, honey, are you going to say hello?

The child hates me.
So, What will it be, Jack?

Actually, I'm not drinking these days.
 Ah, that's your problem in a nutshel

Away We Go

GLORIA: Okay, we have news.

It's big.

What is it?
We're leaving in June.

We're finally doing it.

You're leaving in June?

GLORIA: Mmm-hmm.

The baby's due in July.

Right. To Antwerp. City of light.

Well, that's not...
No, you're not.

Yeah, we are. It's gonna be superb.

No. And don't say that word.

We thought you'd be proud of us.

We've been talking about this for 15 years.

And now we can finally do it.

You're leaving a month before the baby's born?

You're moving 3,000 miles away from your grandchild.

I think it's more than 3,000, isn't it, Jerry?

I think so.

Friends - I'm Engaged

Ross: Hey, what’s going on?
Chandler: Hey.
Ross: I found a note on my door, "Come to Monica’s quick, bring champagne and a Three Musketeers bar."
Joey: (grabbing the candy bar) Yeah I’ll take that.
Ross: What’s up?
Chandler: Monica and I are engaged.
Ross: Oh my God. (Hugs Chandler.) Congratulations.
Chandler: Thanks.
Ross: Where is she?
Monica: (yelling at the top of her lungs) I’m engaged!!!!!! I’m engaged!!!!
Joey: Yeah, she’s been out there for twenty minutes, I’m surprised you didn’t hear her on the way over.
Ross: Oh, I thought it was just a kid yelling, "I’m gay! I’m gay!"
Rachel: Yeah, no that guy moved.
Ross: Can I bring her in?
Phoebe: Oh no, let her stay out there. It’s sweet.
Monica: I’m getting married!!!! I’m gonna be a bride!!!! (Someone else yells at her.) No, I will not shut up because I’m engaged! (He yells again.) Ohh, big talk! Huh, why don’t you come over here and say that to me?! Huh, buddy?! Yeah, my fiancee will kick your ass! (Chandler starts to look worried.) Come on, apartment 20! Apartment 20!
Chandler: (To Ross) Okay, you get her in here. (To Joey) You bolt the door. I’ll be in the closet.

Kim Yun Jin on the View

I had a great time, but I felt like a nerd. Do you know what I mean, because I didn't know when to start talkingI didn't know, I didn't want to be rude and start interrupting you guys and I kept going uh, uh, uhand you where so sweet, you actually turned to me and said, YunJin would you like to say something and I was like 'Thank You!”

I was born in Korea. Came over, my whole family came over when I was ten, and my teacher said, 'You know what? Just concentrate on being a great actress and people will learn your name. 
Like you guys did... sort of.

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