Monday, April 18, 2011

Sentence Practice

  • It's really too late to wait. 
  • What's the low down on the raw fish law?
  • After a week, I think these leeks reek. 
  • The crew didn't' have a clue. 
  • If we flee, we'll be free. 
  • Did Blake break the plate?
  • The hail got in my hair. 
  • The meal was a mere five dollars. 
  • There were very many berries in the valley. 
  • The big cap is a simple symbol.
  • I only have half of the fee.
  • Please sit in the soft seat. 
  • There was a lot of pressure to measure the major explosion.
  • Put the sheet on the seat before you sit on it. 
  • Most of you must bowl with the red ball. 
  • She won't want to walk there.
  • The frog would leap from one leaf to another .
  • There's a ban on putting fans in a van. 
  • I wish she wasn't a witch. 
  • Who's got your goat?
  • Would she sue the zoo?
  • We hissed as we watched the conclusion.
  • We ditched the party and washed our car.
Slow Speed

Normal Speed

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